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How do you copy a partition to a different hard drive? Answered

My friend got an error on his Hp saying to  replace his hard drive and failure was imminent.

What i need to know is how to copy over the partitions or data to the new harddrive.


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Nostalgic Guy
Nostalgic Guy

Best Answer 10 years ago

A lot depends on if you are going to copy to a brand new drive or a second hand one.
If you are going for a new drive then you may well find that a cd of tools is provided with it or possibly information about how to download them.
If you are using a second hand drive then you could do worse than to try the Seagate disk wizard utility


I have used it many times in the past on Seagate drives but also on others & it has always worked well for me.

Alternatively you could use the Western digital tools


I cannot vouch for the latest versions but I do know that in earlier versions it was quite fussy about what drives it would accept at least one of the drives had to be a Western Digital or it would not play.

Another option would be something like partition magic or any one of a gamut of similar programmes, I can vouch for Partition magic which again I have used many times & have always found to be excellent.
Another would be Active@ Partition Magic I have used it & again it is an excellent programme & very simple to use.

Bear in mind that simply copying the partiton may not be the end of the problem as if there are corrupted files on the original drive then they will simply be copied to the new drive as they are.
It may be a good idea to look into using Active@ File Recovery another programme I have tried several times & always had good results with.

Whichever way you go I wish you luck with it.


Answer 10 years ago


Generally, I use hirens boot cd. It has tonnes of os independent tools that can ghost one drive to another- doesn't deal with corrupted files, but if the computer said drive failure imminent, might just be bad sectors building up - I'd rather copy off first rather than attempt repair and use up the last of the drive's lifespan.

Worst case, you end up having to nuke and pave - reinstalling the operating system. As long as the meaningful data was backed up you're golden.

Lastly, windows now has a backup wizard built in.