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How do you do graphics powder coating? Answered



10 years ago

Masking off multiple colors and shapes with powder coating is difficult and time consuming to say the least. Gradients of color can be achieved by spraying a second application next to the previous dry powder application before curing but the configuration of the part has a lot to do with how well this can be done. Another solution which yields high-resolution full-color results is to use white powder and add the color and imaging in another step. With this process images are vapor transferred into the powder coated substrate using heat and pressure. It uses the principle of dye sublimation as used with a heat press to process mugs, ceramic tile, mouse pads, etc. In order to put an image on a three-dimensional surface a flexible film and flexible transfer medium is used. This is vacuumed sort of like a Seal-a-Meal and the whole project is placed in an oven. The printed image vaporizes and technically goes into solution with the polyester based powder coating at a temperature in the neighborhood of 350F. This infuses the image into the structure of the powder coating so it is not just on the surface but deep into the powder coating. The images used can be from any source (with respect to any copyright). The image is processed as a digital file to create the materials needed to do the process. Virtually any image can be applied to any shaped part.

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Answer 9 years ago

where do you purchase equipment for this type of process