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How do you felt an item that is crocheted in the washing machine? Answered

I have an item that is crocheted. I'd like too give it the felting look. What exactly is felting? How do you felt? Can felting be done outside of the washing machine? How is felting done in the washing machine? Anyone have any idea's? Thanks


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teaellen 2003
teaellen 2003

10 years ago

1. If you want your items to felt (or full, which is the correct term) you must have either wool or an animal fiber or it will not felt.

***** not sure whether the yarn that you have crocheted will felt? There is a quick way to find out:
You need a few items: 1. hot water from the sink (not too hot) 2. 10 or more small pieces of the yarn. 3. a few squirts of dish soap or shampoo. 4. a large (gallon?) ziploc bag.
Place the yarn bits in the ziploc bag with a squirt of the soap and some hot water. You need a cup of very warm water. The idea is to have enough room to agitate the bag of water & yarn for about 5-10 minutes. Squeeze and turn the bag. After 5 minutes open he bag and look at your yarn. If it seems to be sticking together that means that it is felting. If not, you can try for a few more minutes. If you don't see progress then the yarn is probably not animal fiber and will never felt no matter what you do.
If your yarn felted then you can proceed with your project. There are tons of how tos to tell you how to felt your crochet piece. It is no different whether it is knit or crochet as far as how you do the felting.


11 years ago

Felting, as I understand it is when the fibers of the yarn interlock & mesh with one another - you no longer will be able to unravel your crochet or knit item once you do this. You can felt items that are made of wool (like a sweater that may have "dryclean only" tag) in your washing machine with a very small amount of soap and HOT water- put it on a short wash cycle and check on your item before it gets to the spin cycle - its hard to know just how much it will shrink, but it defintiely will shrink some -