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How do you finger pick a guitar? Is there an easy way to learn? Answered

I've been trying to teach myself the guitar, and so far I've done pretty well with a plastic pick. I've tried finger picking, but it's just hard for me, I don't know. I've been picking the bottom four strings with my fingers, is that the way to do it?



Best Answer 10 years ago

There's no law that says you have to pick each string with a specific finger. I've seen amazing things done with just a finger and thumb (and that's all I use, but I'm not amazing). Finger picking is more natural than using a piece of plastic, and it'll come to you naturally as well. It is also easier to do a few tricks, but it makes it harder to strum loud, fast, and hard. Start slow. Try just your thumb or forefinger, and then work them both in. Try strumming, try picking individual strings. Learn to play any easy song this way, as long as it features some picking. Start with something you can play on just two strings, and work your way to something with more complexity. Eventually picking with two digits comes naturally. If you make a concious effort, you can add the the remaining fingers in the same manner. All it takes is practice. To be honest, finger/thumb comes easy, adding the others will take time. Good luck!