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How do you fix ghost images on a telescope? Answered

I have a refractor telescope, and any time I look through it I see the main image, with two ghost images in line with it. How can I fix that?



9 years ago

I've had the same problem with my scope, and it actually was that the objective lens doublet was installed backwards, I carefully removed the lenses and the spacer between them and put them back the other way round. I can't say that this will work, but it sure did for me.

Other problems might be coatings, or reflections inside the tube.


10 years ago

If I where you I would make a pin hole camera. With this kind of camera you can more in different spots to create “ghost images”.


10 years ago

I'd check the optics ARE properly coated, you might be able to get them coated properly if they are not.


10 years ago

Ghost images are often caused by poorly applied coatings on optic surfaces, and or misalignment or spherical aberrations in the lenses. I'm not sure you can do anything about it, aside from purchasing a higher quality instrument. It's a common problem in refractor telescopes.

Her's a link to a site that shows how one person deals with the problem