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How did you find Instructables.com ? Answered

- How I found Instructables ? and what was the first Instrutable I visited ?

Wall-E Robot was the first Instructable I visited and I found it on a Persian technology website . There was a link to here , and that was the first time I visit Instructables.com !

When I visit that Instructable I enjoy from it very much , but that was so hard for me to make a Wall-e Robot ! So I went to Instructables home page and open other Instructables projects .

"Build the Starship Enterprise from useless office supplies" was the second Instructable I visited . I make it very soon but I don't know what is the avail of this Instructable ! Then I understand all of the Instructables are not useful for me !

- Jan 10, 2009

I back to Instructables.com after my school and then I signed-up in Instructables . That was my start !

- Without any doubt , Instructables.com is my favorite website .

- Why ?

When I found this website I couldn't take high-resolution pictures , I couldn't speak English well and don't know many things about cookery , LED , DIV and etc . Instructables increase my knowledge about many sciences and it's continue yet ... . When I visit a new Instructable , it teach me many things and when I do the steps , it make me more expert . Instructables is a big school for me . Now I can take high-resolution pictures and my English increase much (but is not complete yet !)

The photos of my first Instructable made with Macromedia Flash (now is Adobe !) . I don't know how are the contests . so I couldn't add this to a contest . I was in Instructable many times but after two months I left it (because I was darned on Instructables) ; and after a few month I back to Instructables again ! Also I referd

I share my adventures in Instructables.com , so please let me know how do you found Instructables.com and what is you comment about this website !


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