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How do you get dogs accustomed to chickens? Answered

i have some dogs (too many, actually) and i am looking to get some chickens. The problem is, when we had ducks, the dogs would bark at them, and chase them along the fence of their pen. i don't want this to happen to the chickens, because i know they won't lay if they are spooked, so i need to find a way to get them to get along. i am planning to get the hens as chicks, and raise them up. does anyone knw how to get my mutts accustomed to having chickens about?



9 years ago

I'll be facing this issue with five dogs; 3) 9mo old pups - rot/coon &gshep/wolf mix 1) 3yr old rott/black n tan coon mix 1) senior herding mix the senior barks at horses and cows.

My intent is to introduce the dogs one by one to the chickens. First off the dogs will see me 'caring for' being friendly with the chickens. (pick them up and 'goo goo')... also defining the chicken coop and run.

1) define the chickens bed and safe place. (want mine to roam free in day)
2) ownership or rank in pack. - you want them, pet them, feed them, TAKE from them. dogs will see they are low in pack and useful to YOU.
3) keep constant - locking up hens for night. Feeding, egg gathering and letting loose.

Sounds good in theory. old dog doesn't listen well (she was homeless and tired - she can jump into cars now but joints hurt her. She doesn't listen well (hearing?) but she has learned to be affectionate.

The pups: some hesitate, some take a few calls. Will come when called, but hadn't attempted when they are on attack.

The dam (rott/coon) she will stop on a dime but makes it clear she doesn't like to by meandering slowly back to me!

One hen at a time is my plan!


10 years ago

. I'm no expert, but I see at least two things working against you: dogs are hunters and they are territorial. It may take some intensive training to keep the Husky(?) from harassing the birds, but basic obedience training and some serious scolding when they are aggressive toward the birds will go a long ways. The pup may learn from watching the other dog - "(S)he ignores the birds. No need for me to get excited." . Chickens are pretty stupid. If you install a visible barrier (eg, solid fence), they may become desensitized to barking and ignore what they can't see. But the only experience I have with chickens is on a plate. :)


Answer 9 years ago

Hi there,  We bought our first chickies last Thurs 4-1.  We started out with 3 brown leg horns.  We also have 2 dogs, a boxer and wiener, 4 cats and 1 cockatiel.  We live in the rural part of town.  My boxer has seen chickens but has no clue.  The wiener thought they were  squeaky toys.  One of the chicks got out and Katy thought it was a toy, grabbed it and shook it like she would one of her stuffed animals.  Needless to say the chick didn't survive.  We put them in a storage bin (walmart), I wanted them to get used to people and animals so we laid the bin on it's side and put a dog gate in front of the opening.  Thought we had it fixed so everyone was safe.  Wrong!!  We have it fixed up now.  On Thurs 4-8 we aquired 4 of the cutest chicks I've ever seen  Rhode Island Reds.  Talk about darling.  We watch all the other animals as they go up to the bin to check out the chicks and the chirping.  So far ok.  The wiener dog just checks it out as she "walks" by.  I don't know how this is all going to work out.  I'm hoping once we put them outside the dogs will be bored with them and just ignore them.  We shall see.  My landlords, who live right next door have chickens and their dog doesn't mess with them.  During the summer they let the chickens out in the yard to roam around and the dog doesn't give them a second look.   I guess only time will tell.  My chickies are house bound until the weather gets warmer.  They have 3more weeks according to everything I have read and talked to others about putting them outside.  Good luck to you.  I am anxiously waiting for my first egg!!!!!!  By the way  their names are Milo and Otis (leg horns), Red, Pickles, Will, and Jack.  My grandson(9yr) named Will and Jack.  My daughter and I named Milo and Otis.  They are all suppose to be hens....When they mature and we figure out if they are all hens then the names will be Meela, Ollie, Red, Pickles, Willma, and Jackie.  L O L...  Have a great day and enjoy your new bundles of joy..........................