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How do you loft one of those beds with the built in drawers on the bottom?? Answered

I'm starting grad school in the fall and opted to live on campus. I haven't lived in a dorm in over 6 years--the lack of space is daunting to say the least. I would like to loft my bed, but the bed provided in the dorm is one of those extra long twin beds with built in drawers on the bottom. How do I construct a loft for a bed like that? 


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7 years ago

Have you looked at the nice list of related instructables to the right?

Would help if you had a picture of the bed. You make it sound like the draws will be a problem so how. I can see how that could be if the draws have nothing to support them from underneath and just slide across the floor.

If that isn't a problem then build it like any other loft. Use 4 sturdy post with supports to hold it up like any other loft bed. If you can get some good anchors into the studs in the wall to mount the bed to that will help as well.