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How do you make a folding shopping cart out of a double stroller? Answered

I have a double stroller, and with gas prices the way they are (and further going), I want to make a folding shopping cart out of it, and want to know if anyone has any ideas of how I could alter it to carry all my groceries, fold, and not look too much like I should have babies in it? I don't know...maybe this is more of a challenge than a burning question...lol


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9 years ago

1. Pink or Powder blue paint should not be used. Battleship grey or a nice day-glo get outta-my-way color would do.

2. You just need to sew up a basket type hamper to fit in the seat area. Get a fold up stiffened fabric box like they use in closet organizers and attach to the seat. foldable milk crate ot tupperware box or clothesbin...

3. Just strap down your packages inside a big cloth sack or hook it all with carabiners to a line but then you would have to worry about looking like the homeless if you use a garbage bag. Good luck.