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How do you make a kodak tazer with less zap? Answered

I've read a few of the kodak tazer instructables, but none of them tell you how to suppress the voltage output (other than putting in a half-dead battery). But is there any way to suppress the zap? Cut it in half maybe? My history teacher is always wishing that tazer's were legal in school's, but this also looks very interesting, I wouldn't mind using it as a prank, but again, with less umff...



8 years ago

tell all te peple to were rubber suts before you shock them


9 years ago

you could replace the capacitor with a smaller one. this would reduce the current, while the voltage is the same. this would also cause less  "zap".

Reducing the voltage could be a little harder. maybe you should look for a battery with less then 1.5 volts output. (not sure if those exist).
or you should "short" one of the circuits (the 3xx or the 1.5)  with a resistor. This would reduce the voltage, but it also drains your battery faster.


10 years ago

Just buy a cheaper disposable camera that's not a Kodak . The cheaper one's produce only 159 volts . These are usually surrounded in tight fitting cardboard and are harder to open .The capacitor is smaller . Although they have a flash cube, the camera will not flash, it just charges the capacitor . There is easier access to the battery compartment .