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How do you make a miniature Hamster maze? Answered

I have 6 mini hamsters that need exercise and I was planning on making a maze but don't know how, can you help me?



The Tinkerer

10 years ago

when we used to have a hamster, we would do the same sort of thing. We got lots of things lying a round the house from cardboard blocks, to dvd cases and would lean them against each other to create a maze. But before putting the hamster in, we would seal any openings or cracks with pillows, and then let our hamster in. But take extra precaution as to not letting them out. Have fun with it and change it up and then make an instructable out of it.


10 years ago

Supplies: 1 piece of cardboard the size of the maze you'd like to build. several cardboard strips that are as wide as you'd like your maze to be tall. Black Sharpie A box knife 1) Draw the maze you'd like to build on the large-flat piece of card board you have using the black sharpie. 2) Cut lengths of cardboard out to match the walls of your maze. 3) Cut along the lines you drew on the flat cardboard. 4) Push the short walls into the slits in the card board. 5) Run mini-hampsters through the maze 6) Take pictures, write up instructable on how to do this...