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How do you make a parabolic speaker, or other non-headphone based personal listening aparatus ? Answered

I have learned to hit the snooze button in my sleep, so I am making a math alarm clock. It makes you do math to turn it off. But since this alarm clock could be on for 30+ seconds, I'm looking for a way to make it not annoy my roommate. I was thinking of a parabolic speaker, but they cost $400+. Anyone know how to make one, or another solution to this problem?


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11 years ago

Any parabolic piece of plastic or metal could be used to make the parabolic speaker.  Maybe a light fitting, old skylight, etc...  Hang it over your bed with the opening down and a speaker pointed up into it and you've got a parabolic speaker.

Of course, you might try easier solutions first.....Under-Pillow speaker? Strobe light? Strong fan?  Music that you hate but your roommate likes....

Hope this helps