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How do you make a tesla coil make music. Answered

How do you make a tesla coil make music. I know you need a micro controller, but how do you hook it up to the tesla coil, and what components would you need to add? Diagram appreciated :)



Best Answer 9 years ago

I assume you are talking about doing this with a solid state coil (SSTC or DRSSTC)?  So normally with any SSTC, you have a bridge of transistors, usually IGBTs or MOSFETs, switching current into the primary coil at the systems resonant frequency.  Now if we just let this go on for an undefinded period of time, something would blow up because of to much current or voltage.  To fix this we run the coil in bursts controlled by an interrupter circuit.  Normally we might let the thing run for say 10 cycles at a time and this would happen maybe 120 times per second (120Hz).  To play music, you have a microcontroller that serves as the interrupter and triggers bursts at the same frequency of the audio you want to playback.  The challenge is getting the microcontroller to figure out the frequency of the audio.  Steve Ward gives a good overview of this and has some examples.  See http://stevehv.4hv.org/MusicalSSTCs.htm.  If you already know all the stuff I was just talking about sorry to be boring you, just trying to give a concise explanation.  Good luck and I would appreciate if you could share what you find out with me as I am in the midst of building by first Tesla Coil and thinking about doing audio modulation on my second one.  Thanks, hope this helps :-)


9 years ago

To change the frequency, you turn the tesla coil on, and off * many times. If you wanted a 1,000Hz tone, you would turn the tesla coil on, and off 1,000 times a second.
Didn't find this answer easily, yet there are a lot of videos showing it off.


10 years ago

I can't tell you how to do it or what parts you need, but if it helps i know thet the different tones are produced by sending different frequencies of AC power.