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How do you make color lcd into a vga lcd or an a/v lcd? Answered

Details I thought this was supposed to be optional.



Best Answer 9 years ago

If all you have got is the LCD panel (say, from a broken laptop or an old monitor) but it is not part of a full display then the chances of actually fixing it so that it can take a VGA or composite video input are very slim. Even if you could identify the make and model it will be very hard to get the connections diagram from the makers (believe me, I've tried) and so, I'm afraid your best bet is to strip it for the back-light and make a "lighbox" out of it.


9 years ago

You're not giving us much detail here, and that's what the "details" box is for. My colour LCD monitor will run a VGA display through my graphics card. It will also run any other signal I can send it through the graphics card. What inputs do you have, and what signal (s) do you want to send it? L