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How do you make fireworks/ pop pop snappers? Answered

Also how do you get potassium nitrate in Canberra/ACT australia...


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Jack A Lopez
Jack A Lopez

4 years ago

The Wikipedia page for "Bang snaps", says these are made from sand and tiny amounts of silver fulminate.


And if you follow the link to the page on silver fulminate, you learn it is rather dangerous stuff. I recommend NOT messing around with it.

Regarding potassium nitrate, and where to find it in Australia, I dunno. In the former US, you can sometimes find KNO3 as a product called "stump remover", which is intended for use in removing tree stumps.

I seem to recall, Youtube chemist Nurdrage made some videos on the subject of nitrates, and also stump remover. It turns out there is more than one brand, more than one formulation for stump remover, on the market. At least one of Nurdrage's videos included a method for testing this white powder stump remover, for to discover if it contained KNO3, or not.

Here's what I get in response to a search for Youtube videos on the topic, "nurdrage potassium nitrate"


I think the one involving stump remover is 5th from the top in this list.


4 years ago

In these days of terrorist activity I would imagine you will have great difficulty getting the necessary chemicals as fireworks and bombs are not too far apart just a question of scale.

So how to may be irrelevant.

Even searching for the recipe may land you in trouble.