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How do you make hi quality copies of your photos? Answered


I'm trying to copy a few of my photos that I have used in an Instructable and I can't work out how to save a hi res copy. Is there any way that you can save a copy of the original sized photo that was used in the 'ible? If so, could you please let me know how.




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2 years ago


How do you copy the photos?

I would do something like this: load the instructable, right click on the photo, click "open in a new tab". This opens a new tab with the "large" photo. I am not sure if it is the original size though.


Jack A Lopez
Jack A Lopez

2 years ago

You might have noticed the funny syntax this site uses to point to its stored photos and other files, which of course are really your stored photos and other files, and everyone else's.

There is this 15 character long string of capital letters and numbers, like "F4QPUURJEYIW9CM", which seems to be a kind of unique identifier for the file itself.

Then there is a whole family of related URLs making use of that 15 char string, for to point to different stored versions of that file, particularly in the case for stored pictures.

Anyway, if you want to discover the largest, best resolution, file that Instructables has stored for a particular image, here is the method I recommend:

Note, this method will work for re-discovering original sized images of your pictures, or anyone else's.

As an example, I will explain this to you using an image from Step 1, of your instructable titled, "Old Paint Can Secret Stash", here:


Step 0: Start a text editor, like Notepad, Mousepad, whatever, because you're going to be manipulating some text strings.

Step 1: Using your browser, find an instructable, containing the image you want.

Step 2: Put your mouse pointer over the specific picture you want, and click the right mouse button. This should cause your browser to give you a context menu of different ways to manipulate that image you're pointing at. From this menu, choose, "Copy Image Location".

E.g. the image from step one that shows, side by side, paint can on the left, PVC fittings on the right. In other words, this one:


Step 3: Look inside that string for the 15 character long file identifier, which in this case, is:


Step 4: Copy and paste that 15 char file identifier string, into this URL



Step 5: Use your browser to actually visit that URL.

Step 6: There is a box on the left side of the page, titled, "Available Sizes". Choose, "ORIGINAL"

Step 7: Right click on the image itself, and from the context menu, choose, "Save Image As..." Then save it.

By the way, I think the URL for the original sized image, usually has this form:



Dang! This stupid editor just truncated and pretty-fied every quoted piece of text it thinks is a too-long-URL. Ugh! Well, I think it is still mostly decipherable, if you use your browser's right-click, context menu thing, and choose, "Copy link location", to get a copy of the full URL under those links.

By the way, I am using Mozilla Firefox, but I think the behavior of most other popular browsers is similar, I think. Although I am not totally sure about that. It has been a while since I used anything besides Firefox.