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How do you make make a two piece plaster mold around a paper mache object? Answered

I was wanting to make a one piece plastic meteorite from a two part plaster mold using the blow plastic mold technique.

My object is a paper mache meteorite. I like to know how do I prepare my mache meteorite so it doesn't stick or brake apart in the mold.

I all ready filled the inside of the mache with foam for strength.

I plan to mold the paper mache meteorite, heat up a plastic bottle or one of those plastic bottle blanks they use to make plastic bottles & blow it up inside the mold making a one piece meteorite with no seems.



16 days ago

You can also try giving it a lot of coats with polyurethane or clear acrylic spray .As with the wax ,you want an non porous surface.But be prepared to lose the original.You might have to tear it out or even burn it out.It happens.Good luck!

Josehf Murchison

19 days ago

Paraffin wax will keep the plaster from sticking to the paper mache.
Watch the contours, the shape can lock the meteorite into the plaster.
Melt the paraffin wax and give the paper mache a thin coating.
Press the paper mache into the plaster until half buried.
When the plaster is set put a thin coating of paraffin wax on the plaster where the two sides of the mold will meet.
Then cover the other side of the paper mache with plaster and let it set.