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How do you make mini-lights (LED) / christmas lights? materials? procedures? Answered

We are creating christmas light for our project. Since we don't know what to do, could anybody give us the details in making one? Our plan is to create the mini-lights which consists of 100 small bulbs. What are the materials used... Thanks!


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11 years ago

 You need a DC voltage source such as a plug-in AC/DC converter (6-12 v), 100 LEDs and some resistors. http://ledcalculator.net/ can show you how to wire it.  

You will need to know the voltage drop across a LED (it is given on the package) and the current drawn by one.  You can assume they are all the same, even though red LEDs draw slightly more current. 

The led calculator will tell you which resistors to buy and their wattage, as well as the total current drawn by the lights.  Make sure the converter can handle the current.