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How do you make this style of costumes? Answered

I am wanting to make a comstume like these:http://img266.imageshack.us/img266/2131/godzilla2004ys1.jpg
I am wondering how to make a costume like the old Godzilla outfit or that dinosaur in the video. I know it has a foam core with a latex skin. My thing is the foam mainly. Where do I get foam that's flexible and durable like these? Also any info on making a costume like these is much appreciated, thank you.



7 years ago

It looks to me more like fabric or sheet rubber over a framework with rubber skin over that, not least because the weight of that much reasonably rigid phone would be prohibitive but also because, as you point out, it's flexing.. And I'm guessing powered animatronics for the head and neck.

This is a pro-level costume. Not easy, not cheap.

I think some of the ICG members (http://www.costume.org/) have done things nearly this ambitious on hobbyist budget, but that's with many years of experience -- lots of practice with the materials, with costume design, with acting in costume. Still not "cheap", but cheaper. And still not easy.