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How do you make your own shag carpet? Answered

More importanly, why did the 70's kick ass? Tips on technique, styles, and materials? I have about 3-4 skiens of camoflauge yarn, I dont know if that will help?



10 years ago

You'd have to hook it. Look for a rug hooking tutorial on the web. You cut the yarn into 2 inch pieces then use a rug hook to pull them through a mesh canvas. It's a loooong project but also cool if you like that kind of thing. It's very simple also. Be sure to cut all your yarn at one time. If you cut it in batches, you can see the small differences in the yarn length after it's hooked. You can get rug canvas and a rug hook at any craft store. Google "rug hook" to see samples.


Answer 10 years ago

Would it be possible to use a bunch of half hitches on a plastic mesh? Thanks for above post! -RoAr


Answer 10 years ago

That's exactly how you hook a rug. The hook has a little hinge that flips down. You hook the middle of your yarn, pass the hook through to the back and grab your ends, then pull them up through the loop making a half hitch. It's easy, just time consuming.