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How do you measure to cut strips of paper evenly to completely cover a round object with two colors? Answered


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Best Answer 10 years ago

Well, you can approximate -- Area of a sphere is 4πR2
Find the radius of your round object, square it, then multiply by 4(3.14159) = ~ 12.566... That is your area in units squared.

Because it will wrap around the 'equator' of your object the Length will be the circumference at the equator.
the circumference, which is C = πD  (π * 2R).  That will form your length.

the Height of the paper will be 1/4 of a rotation (from the equator to the pole) to find how high each piece will need to be.  Circumference / 4 = height.

See image  (you may need to view 'large' or 'original'