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How do you mini pen gun that shoots far that is fully automatic? Answered



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Doctor Freeman
Doctor Freeman

10 years ago

Try this on think geek: Fully Automatic UZI Pen its a uzi pen that can:

•It can shoot fully automatic, just like a uzi 
•Made of aircraft aluminum 
•Razor sharp tactical DNA catcher crown that you can use for self defense and come away with your attacker’s DNA 
•Accepts standard Parker and Fisher Space Pen refills 
•Pocket clip (removable) 
•Imprinted with Uzi name and logo 
•Includes one Fisher Space Pen ink refill 
•Writes upside down or underwater 
•Black ink 
•Dimensions: 6" x .55" (152 x 14mm) 
•One-year warranty 


12 years ago

Pretty impossible, correct me if I am wrong, but no one has invented a mini pen gun that is Fully Auto and probably never will. Try Knex, you will be surprised by what you can make out of it. Here is an example below.


Answer 12 years ago

Yes, I made a very far shooting fully automatic with an empty pill bottle and bic pen.I drilled a hole in the bottom of the pill bottle and inserted a bic pen barrel in that hole.I then drilled a slightly smaller hole in the side of the container. It shoots airsoft bbs by means of air pressure (you blow into the smaller hole and load the gun by filling the bottle with the bbs.)