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How do you modify the UM506 X10 module to make it send longer ON or OFF impulses to the relay? Answered

I just bought automated curtain tracks like these:
Which requires two momentary switches to (one to open and one to close).
Of course I could use two universal modules (on momentary operation) to activate the contacts, but I think I have a more elegant solution:

I opened a UM506 and noticed the relay inside has 4 wires (two to close the contact, and two to open it).
Putting two regular relays at the end of these wires works and you get two momentary switches !!! (one activates when you press the on button, the other one when you press the the off switch).
My only problem is that the time these relays stay on is two short to trigger the opening or closing of my curtains.

Does anyone knows which component should be replaced/changed to make the electric impulse sent to the relay last longer (it is probably just a capacitor or a relay to change).
If you have other ideas (like another module that could be used for this purpose), please tell me, I'm really looking forward to automate these curtains,




6 years ago

using active pro you can set up a macro and leave it on as long as you want.


9 years ago

You can change C12.
100 uF --> ~ 60 second delay on the "momentary" setting.