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How do you package granola so it won't spoil? Answered

I want to give homemade granola to friends as a gift, but I'm worried it might spoil over time. Is there a way to package it so it stays fresh?




10 years ago

two things you got to worry about, oxygen and bacteria You can eliminate the bacteria problem by making the water less available to them, like make it more dryer, sugary or salty. However oxygen, even in a vacuum packed product will cause the nuts and grain part to oxidize and it will taste rancid overtime. The only way to eliminate oxygen is to use oxygen scavengers (like they have in beef jerky packets) this removes the oxygen to prevent oxidation rancidity in the oils making them last a little longer.


10 years ago

vacuum pack it. It *will spoil over time no matter what, but that will avoid any unpleasant rapid spoiliage. Granola should stay good on it's own without anything fancy for weeks though... Just pack it in a ziplock-style bag or container.

For a "Cheapy" vacuum-like seal on a bag, take a drinking straw and place it in the bag with part sticking out...fill the bag with cereal, then close the bag until it meets the straw. Suck the air out and while pulling the straw to remove it, finish the sealing operation...voila..psuedo-vacuum seal! (the more air you get out of the bag, the better...)


Answer 10 years ago

BTW, I'm not in the habit of making specific product recommendations....well not it this category, but I was really impressed with the Reynolds vacuum sealer I bought at the grocery store (yes the grocery store) a few months back, when I did my every two month meat buy (our grocery has this thing called 5 for twenty...5 family packs for 20 bucks) I've always wanted my own vacuum sealer, but I could never quite bring myself to plop down the kind of money required for a "nice" one (~$130-200), and a roll of bag material (another $40-50) It cost me $20 for the gizmo, the 5 1qt bags it came with, and another box of bags (12 ct , 1qt I think). And although instructions say bags should be tossed after one use, I've found they're just fine if washed thoroughly, rinsed in white vinegar, then rinsed again with fresh water and dried upside down...(I dry them on a whisk that sits in an old dishwasher silverware container I saved from my old roll around when it died... I think these (or similar) would be perfect for packaging your gift. bags come in 1qt and 1 gal sizes... other mfg make them to, so please don't think I'm secretly working for reynolds...just one of many names...truth is, I'd rather have a pro-grade tool, but I simply couldn't/cannot afford one...that's partly why I'm so happy with this...was skeptical but am no longer.


10 years ago

sean has this right - exclude air by whatever means you can.