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How do you paint old window sashes as folk art objects? I have a lot of wooden sashes with grids that I want to recycle. Answered



9 years ago

I teach an art class for adults in my town and October's project is an old window. I have painted them and glazed them for art auctions and personal use. They are great for a unique piece of art!
Step 1: Use some heavy-duty gloves and scrape any loose paint off of the
windows and clean it up then use Kilz on the wood to prime it.
I buy the spray can because it's quick and I don't worry about the
glass too much if I am painting all of it. If not then you may want to
hand paint on the Kilz primer for the wood sections.
Step 2: Let the wood dry and wipe the glass good and start painting!
I use acrylic paint because it dries quicker on glass, but if
you have an old bucket of latex paint then slap it on and it works on
wood or glass!
Step 3: When the paint dries, seal it with a clear indoor/outdoor spray paint.
*Krylon is pricey, but works. The WalMart brand is $2 cheaper and
does not seem to "yellow" as time goes on.
Step 4: I screw in two large hooks or eye bolts and hang it inside or over an
old tree limb. You can also hang from a houses overhang area!
*when hanging inside from ceiling, use the butterfly/bolt that will hold
tight on the inside of your ceiling to keep it from pulling out and
falling to it's broken demise!!! =o
I hope that is helpful.... Remember, art is what YOU like and not everyone else. So, have fun and create!


10 years ago

I took a 9-pane window frame, and after sanding and varnishing it a nice golden oak finish, I put it on my wall with 6" screws into the studs, and set family photos into it. It looks awesome. The depth created by the thickness from the wall really makes the pictures stand out.