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How do you put a picture on a comment? Answered

I saw somebody put a picture on a comment, and I wanted to do the same. But when I went to my image library, copied the disired image, and tried to paste it onto my comment, it wouldn't work.



8 years ago

I'm not sure offhand if this is a pro-only feature.  If it's not, you click on the rich editor to the upper right of the text entry box, and then you can embed video, pics, links, and other goodies from there.


8 years ago

Using Mozilla Firefox
Just like here, I click on Answer It ! and a box comes up,
on the bottom left click on add images another box opens
click on the Choose Files and a window opens into your computer
Move around to your pics and mark the pic with open.
The file name slides in ( you can pick a tag name like "earlyPic" )
Then click Upload Files Most of the time a reduced image will appear under the green border.
Now type your text and click the post comment and you should have your Pic :-)



Answer 8 years ago

Works on Non Pro.too. A