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How do you put photos on your instuctables? Answered

I saw the tips for photos when you start a instuctables but they don't tell you how to put a photo on the instructable. I was going to make an instuctable until i realised i don't know how to put on photos.

P.S. can you put photos on an instuctable without that photo website?




Best Answer 8 years ago

When you actually start the Instructable, there is a button at the foot of each step for adding images. You can upload them directly from your computer, and do not need to use Flickr.

You can also add pictures without writing an Instructable (say, to use as an avatar, or add to a forum comment). Click on the "you" link at the top of the page, then look down the left hand side of the page to see a link titled "Image Library". Follow that to add photos to your library in general.

Click the "change images" link to choose your avatar image.