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How do you remove a user? Answered

I saw a user named smcavoy1 and his profile pic is very inappropriate for a site like this. If you don't take him off, you should make this a 18 and up site. Make sure you look closely at the pic and you'll see what I mean.



Best Answer 4 years ago

Well, you don't and we don't remove a user. That is something only an admin can do. If we all could remove someone we didn't like I think the number of members would drop to less than half since not everybody likes everybody.

The thing for you to do is send a private message to the person and sugest , perhaps strongly, that they have inappropeiate material on their page and that they should remove it. Give them a period of time, say like a week and tell them if they don't that you will report it to site staff. Then watch what they do. If you need to flag it after your waiting period is up then do it and let the admins deal with it.


Answer 4 years ago

thanks. That's what I'll do.