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How do you set up a live feed of a speaker to broadcast to a screen at a conference? Answered

I have the camera and screen? What else do I need? Mixer, Cables?I want to be able to tape the speaker and have it broadcast to a bigger screen for the participants.



9 years ago

To can record a video conference you need cables to connect the camera and the screen. I prefer to do video conference using the web. you can have your broadband connection connected to the screen. Download a video conference software that allows you to record the call. this is the easiest way to do the recording i guess.


10 years ago

well you want either a projector or a large t.v. depending on how many people. if you have a mac you can just use the video chat / video conference feature (but that is computer to computer and then you would connect the projector or t.v. to the computer) or you can run a cable to the projector but i assume you want it wireless no? so you want a bluetooth projector or a bluetooth transmitter/receiver. honestly i think the easiest way to do this would be to create a website and broadcast from a website using a free embedded broadcasting application or use an established broadcasting service like Skype or Apple Vido Chat or Google Chat.