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How do you setup a router? Answered

 I have a 54M Wireless router here. It's a TP-Link with 5 ports at the antennae side. The first port is labeled "WAN" and it may mean "Wide Area Network" or "Wired Area Network" or "Wireless Area Network". The other ports are for wired connections. I want to use this router, but my problem is that I can't seem to secure the thing with a password (remember it's wireless). Also, the last time I tried to use it, the whole thing won't work. Well, sure the Network was setup, but the internet won't work. Where do you plug the network cable from the modem to the router, and the PC to the router. 

Straightened out:
How do you put a password on the router?
How is it supposed to be connected?
Could you disable the wireless feature? If so how?
What does "WAN" mean?

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Best Answer 10 years ago

Man you are in trouble... best advice "if you don't know what you are doing let a professional do it"
that being said like the previous post says WAN is for your outside world plug your router in there. all the other ports are for your LAN local area network. this means your computers hook up there.
now for the hard part Wireless!
first you have to find the IP address of your router. this should be in you documentation some where. Look for numbers like 987. 654.321. 00. can either be 3 groups of 3  and maybe a 4th of 1 or 2 numbers.
once you find that hook up a computer from one of your LAN ports open your browser EI or Firefox or what ever MAC uses and type in that  IP address you found in the address bar. This will open up the login screen to your router. the login name and password are generic and you should have found them while looking for your IP address.
From here your on your own.
good luck and don't forget to change the password.


10 years ago

I've had zero luck with TP-link stuff, I can't think their routers are any better.

The WAN port is where you connect to the outside world, by ADSL or cable depending on the model

WAN is Wide Area Network

Try adjusting it through a wired connection