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How do you solve the problem of clubs with too loud music until 4 AM Answered

I have a real problem with clubs where i live,the music is really really annoying (so called turbo-folk
Anyway i want to know how i can stop them,suing doesn't help,too much corruption so i want to know if i can do something else,legal or illegal doesent really matter i once read something here about this sort of thing...

If you want to take more sophisticated approach, you could try beaming your neighbor a strong radio signal, modulated with a specific audio signal. Unless his stereo is really well shielded, you may be able to find some resonant frequency that will get through, even if he's just listening to a CD. Sweep the radio frequency until you hear the audio signal from his stereo, then crank it up. You could even mess with his head, and talk to your neighbor through his own speakers!

The same thing can be done through the power lines, by the way. I remember the electrical motor of our neighbor's high powered drill was starting to fail, and we could pick up the resulting sparks over our stereo system very clearly.

in one of the clubs i can have a few minutes of full access so i considered writing a program that would add a parody song the the playlist,but i dont know how to disable their access to winamp so they cant stop it until the song ends and when its finished they should regain access...
and the other has a wifi network i will try hacking into it,to see if i can do anything to mess with them

Thanks for any help,kind regards
Antonio M.



10 years ago

If the legal system won't help you then -The best thing to do is wear earplugs or move. If you retaliate you may be legally responsible. Or they might be connected and you may have visitors that you don't like.


10 years ago

I'd move - but the I've always checked my neighbours out before deciding to move in...


10 years ago

Go on the sound offensive.

Play bagpipe music at full volume and see how they like it. I'm willing to bet that techno, hip hoppers and the like would not appreciate "Amazing Grace", "Scotland the Brave", or any other somg you come up with.

In the event of bagpipe failure, play Polkas.

Note. Not really advised at all.


10 years ago

All you can do _legally_ is complain to the police... or, if the neighbor is within the volume limits for your neighborhood, to local government officials to try to get those regulations changed... or give up and move. Anything illegal is much more likely to get you evicted than to drive them out. Bad Bet, as well as bad kharma.


10 years ago

I've heard that offensive smells will do a good job of crowd dispersion And that is as far as I'm going on that topic. I don't want to be a rotten egg head