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How do you take bottle caps and make them into a belt? Answered

I have a ton of old bottle caps that I wanted to adhere to a cheap belt. Any ideas?



Best Answer 10 years ago

Use epoxy to glue the inside center of the bottle cap to a tall rivet on the belt. You may have to remove a bit of plastic/rubber liner inside the bottle cap to get a good glue joint. Big pop rivets might be tall enough and smooth enough on the back. Punch holes in the belt and use massive amounts of hot glue pumped threw the hole and into the bottle cap. You might be able to avoid the holes in the belt, but I'm not sure how well the glue would stick-depends on what the belt was made of. If you don't mind damaging the front of the bottle cap, you could punch or drill a hole in it (or more than one) and sew or rivet it to the belt. If you punch holes in the edge, you could use them in a chain-maile style belt. Metal or plastic bottle caps?


10 years ago

Since they have sharp edges, I would add them to a belt, as a caps-only belt would damage your clothes, stomach etc. Use a hammer and small nail to punch two holes in the edge of each cap (opposite each other), and then sew through the holes onto a fabric belt.