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How do you use a cell phone as a modem? Answered

A friend of mine will be going into the mountains to work at a camp. The problem is this friend has to do school online. There is one little patch of area that Verizon can get through and there is internet access. My friends phone can get internet (it's an HTC Droid, though I am not quite sure which one) but my friend can't do school on the phone :P.  My friend does have a dell laptop with Vista. My friend doesn't want to set up a whole new account with the cell phone company. So I am wondering how to connect the phone to the computer so that the computer has internet access, kinda like an antenna.



Best Answer 8 years ago

You have three options.

1. As seandogue suggests, download and upload the files using the phone and transfer the files between the computer and the phone using the USB cable.

2. Temporarily add wireless tethering to the data plan on the phone. Verizon charges another $20 a month for this option. You can cancel it once the camp season is over. You don't need to set up a new account to do this and it is probably the easiest of the three options.

3. Gain root access to the phone and install a wireless tethering app on your phone. Please note that this option will void your warranty, Verizon considers these third party wireless tethering apps to be a theft of service, and if you don't know what you are doing you can brick your phone trying to root it.


8 years ago

Well, basically,

IFF the phone has internet connectivity,

and IFF it can operate as a WIFI hotspot
if you can connect it through a charging cable to the PC,

THEN  you can download files into the computer (and upload them to the phone) as if the phone was a flash drive.

You may need to install an app for accessing the phone's internal files, and you will likely have to install a program on the computer for management of files in the phone.

I use a droid, which has this capability (actually both the capability to be used as a ~flash drive and as a WIFI hotspot. I have an app that givs me file management capabilities called ES File Explorer and a motorola app for connecting the phone to the computer via cable.


8 years ago

Go with what the mobile service provider offers.
You've little realistic hope of getting a functional connection otherwise.