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How do you use the Serenity Knitting Loom? Answered

I bought a Serenity Knitting Loom at the Hobby Lobby the other day, and the instructions that came with it are terrible. I have searched Google for instructions on how to use this thing but can't find anything, not even a company website... I especially need help with the Casting-On part. A link to a website with some color photos on how to do that would be nice. Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks! :)



2 years ago

Hello Betty:

I bought a Serenity Loom at Hobby Lobby a year ago. It was discounted because the instructions and tools were missing. I thought I could figure it out on my own-Haha. Mine is the pink version item 650713. Would it be possible to get the instructions and list of tools needed to complete projects?

Thank you!


7 years ago

Hi, I'm sorry the instructions of the Serenity Loom™weren't helpful. I would really appreciate any comments about what is wrong with them. I've had help from Mikey of The Crochet Crowd™ and Amanda Pratt who both have great instructional videos on You Tube and I've written new instructions. I'd be glad to send you a copy (i hope they're better this time!).

I've re-designed the Serenity Loom™ with suggestions from Mikey of The Crochet Crowd™. it has a little wider gauge between the pegs and the shape is more streamlined. The areas that were difficult to reach have been removed. The size output is almost the same as before (8 - 9 ft. wide bedspreads or blankets). It all depends on how stretchy your yarn is.

The Serenity Loom is being shipped now from China and will be in the Hobby Lobby stores in about a month. Also, I can take advance orders. Anyone interested in a loom or the instructions can e mail me at bwilkinson9@cox.net.
Many Thanks, Betty Wilkinson

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10 years ago

One great website for written instructions is:
If you enter a search for "loom knitting videos" you will get the ones on You Tube don by Isela Phelps. She is a pro. She does one loop at a time because that is the way to learn if you are going to go on to things like cable stitch and fancy patterns. I loop one whole row, knit the whole row, loop the next row, knit the next row, etc. I doubt that I will ever want to learn any fancy stitches and the project moves quicker that way. You can try both and see what you like.

Good Luch


Answer 8 years ago

I have found Isela's books "The Loom Knitting Primer" and the "Loom Knitting Pattern Book" very helpful.


9 years ago

You definitely need to familiarize yourself with Mikey, from user Mikeyssmail on Youtube.  Here's a link for a recent video he did on casting on the Serenity Loom.  There are a few other videos about looming also.  I know he can help!