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How do you wire a small amount (8-12) LED's, to be run off a small battery and with a switch? In Laymens terms if pos? Answered

Hi, I'm framing a piece of art with a deep frame and would like to put between 8 and 12 LED's in the frame.
I will be running the wires and  hiding the battery and switch in a rebate around the outside of the frame. i will drill small holes in the frame every 2-3 inches through the frame for the LED's to be pushed into so they sit just below the surface on the inside of the frame.
What i need to know is how to do it?
From the basic knowledge i have i would have a 9v battery Positive wire into a switch,negative wire into 1st LED, then link all LED's with wire until the last negative wire into battery. 
How wrong am I?
I need to know how long the battery would last as well.
Also needs to be wireless as it going to hanging on a wall.
Thanks for any suggestions and help.
And if anyone has a much better idea please let me know!!


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5 years ago

These LED questions came up about once a week here, there are plenty of topics with info ;)
Just to sum it up:
Don't use a 9V battery as it won't last long, use AA or AAA batteries instead.
Use one of the many LED calculators online to check what resistor you need for each LED - I suggest to use 3 1.5V batteries giving 4.5V together.
Add the right resistor to every LED and connect to your batteries, maybe add a switch?
For long running times even on almost dead batteries you can also check one of the many Joule Thief projects or mine. ;)

This way you could power your LED's for many days from a single C-cell battery.