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How does a Halo Reach: Plasma Repeater work? Answered

If any one has Halo Reach for their xbox or pc, please send me a video of how it works.  I am trying to make one out of knex; I already have a Plasma Pistol and Plasma Rifle.  Taking a video of a screen is ok, as long as the sound is clear.  I need to see (or hear) it firing untill it reaches it's slowest rate.  I have already looked on youtube, and there are no videos of it.  Please post a youtube link of a video you made, or someone else's (if you found one) in your answer.



8 years ago

the plasma repeater rocks and all you have to do is kill the elite and take it from him and use against covenant then die.


8 years ago

Have you seen a RBG gatling gun
it is a cilinder with elastic bands stretched from one end to another
each elastic band is held in a small notch at one end of the gun(on the cilinder) underneath all these elastic bands in some string as the cilinder rotates the string is pulled up pulling elastic bands out of there notches and firing them
just like in this video (the first few seconds are irelevant but watch the end)
I was thinking that spining cilinder could be the bit on the plasma repeater and where you vent it could be how to reloaded it, have detacheble cilinders so you can put a new one on when the first one runs out
I hope this ansers your question