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How does one forge a fencing foil? Answered

How could I forge a foil for fencing? What kind of steel would be good for a flexible blade that wouldn't be at risk of snapping and stabbing my fencing buddies? What should I keep in mind for tempering and whatnot to help with that?



Best Answer 10 years ago

How long have you been bladesmithing? How long is your heat treating furnace? Which steels do you have experience with? Making a fencing foil is similar to making a calculator from scratch with transistors and resistors...fun to try but not something to bet your friends life on : ) That said, start with a good quality steel like 4140 and throw away every piece that you overheat-30 or 40 pieces (about $300) later, you can start figuring out how to evenly heat and quench a meter long string of spaghetti without any curve in it (should only take about 20 trys, and 4 re-builds of the furnace and quench tank). Then temper it. Then the finish polish. Then the d@mn thing bends because it was tempered or hardened wrong...


9 years ago

jtobako is right, the process is very time and money consuming. just buy one. is cheaper.


10 years ago

The home forge is incapable of producing a suitable blade. I would recommend trying to buy one second hand, from ebay, an instructor, anything but make your own.