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How does one get their instructable to be "featured"? Answered

Just wondering, I was looking at some of the "featured" Instructables and some of them are brand new. What are the requirements that would qualify yours to become "featured"? Is it Views? Artistic merit? score? I'm curious! Thanks!



Best Answer 10 years ago

There are some vauge requirements but it's also based on the featurer's personal preference. A featurable 'ible should have good spelling and grammar, be well explained, have great photos... Having a really creative or original idea is also good, there's no scoring system, just what's something you'd feature. I am on the feature team and there are some rough guidelines to it all but it's mostly been left up to individuals to choose their favorite 'ibles for featuring. making an 'ible for the sole purpose of being featured is a bad idea, doing something you like and are passionate about is far more likely to yield results...