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How does one start a collaboration? Answered

I have an idea, and I'd like to make an instructable out of it, if I had the slightest idea how to turn the idea into a working project, and for that I will need help. I could start the collaboration process here in this thread but I figure there is a collaboration section for a reason. so... how does one collaborate on instructables?

Okay never mind, I can't wait. I want to build one of these... https://static2.instructables.com/pub/FJY/PZ0B/FJYPZ0BFRCEYJ3IE8N.medium.jpg

an Invisible Bookshelf 2.0
to their credit you could just buy one here, but I'd much rather build my own... I have a few thoughts on how, but saw so many comments on how I could have done my 1.0 better... so I thought... why not collaborate?

My thinking so far:
Several hair picks side by side sandwiched in one and a half foot long (whats with my obsession with these) "L" brackets.


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