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How does the judging work? Answered

 How is the judging for this contest going to work? I am confuzzled. I assume that Mikasaurus has it figured out, but I'm just wondering what will happen. 


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11 years ago


Using a random number generator, I've selected people from my subscribers list (ie. number 22 would correspond with 22nd subscriber). Once chosen, judges are given about a week to review the entries. No judging criteria was given, judges select projects based against their own criteria. My role is to administer the results, not participate.

In the result of a tie, another randomly selected judge will be chosen until clear ranking is established. As these things can be contentious, I aim for transparency. I hope this answers your question, please let me know if you need more info.

Judging ends March 8th, 2010, look for the results to be posted soon! 
Good luck!