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How does the speech screens work when the president gives a speech? Answered

I have many pictures of my kids holding their musical interments an smiling and I have many pictures of the back of their music stand wile they are playing. I want to build a music stand that is transparent like the presidents speech glass that he can see his speech and you can see through.



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11 years ago

Teleprompters of that sort are basically reflecting an image from a display screen below them. The trick is getting glass, and a display, which will be bright enough and large enough and reflective enough to be readable. The more traditional solution for music stands is just to learn to position them properly. Unless you are very nearsighted, you should be able to position a music stand so you are looking down at it and everyone can see your over the top of it. I'd suggest you talk to their teacher about developing better performance habits. However... It's possible that your kids are deliberately using their stands to block their view of the audience, so they'll be less nervous. If so, then the teleprompter idea won't work for them no matter how much you'd prefer it. Again, talk to their teacher about helping them work through this; ignoring the audience is a learned (and teachable) skill. So, for that matter, is being able to memorize music well enough to not be so absolutely dependent upon sheet music.