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How does this Automatic Pour Over Brewer Work? Answered

I'm looking to build my own automatic pour-over coffee brewer.

Does anyone know how the water spout is moving in that spiral rotation?  



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6 years ago

With motors and a couple of gears. It's likely a nested set of gears.

Here is one way to do it. The larger circle has a large ring with the gear teeth on the inside of the ring. A smaller gear is driven inside that ring and the spout is offset on that gear. That smaller gear is on a bearing, on a shaft connected to the drive motor via an arm. So as the motor slowly turns that arm it's causing the small gear to walk along the outer gear rotating the nozzle in circles as it's going around in ti's larger circle. You'll have to ask the developers about how they do it but it looks like they may be driving the outer ring with the motor and keeping the inner section in place with a pin riding in a groove. Hard to really tell you how to do something like this without making a decent diagram but that would take some time to do.

Go out and by yourself Spirograph playset.


It will give you the gears needed to see how this works. Take one of the large inner toothd gears and a smaller round one and start playing around with them till you duplicate the action as you see it in the video clip on the kickstarter page.