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How far is safe to video a microwave with the door removed? Answered

I soon wish to start making some videos of microwaving stuff like CD's  , eggs and xboxes.
For these videos, ideally, ide like to not have the microwave door in, i fully know how to get the microwave to run without it, but since m videoing it, what would be a safe distance?
Also, would power efficiency be cut with the removal of the door?

Otherwise, if i cant microwave as usual without the door,
if i was to remove half of the mesh in the microwave door (like every second row ect, not one half side)
would that have any negative implications? and then, what would be a safe videoing distance from which to video the microwave?

i want to make this as visible as possible, while keeping maximum power, also while not wrecking my video camera.


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