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How hard is it to buy from amazon.co.uk from the USA? Answered

I'm trying to buy a textbook, and it is much cheaper on amazon.co.uk (UK version) or on amazon.ca (Canadian). Both sites have books cheaper then amazon.com (USA), and they both ship from the US (Georgia). Would I run into issues if I tried to order from these sites? I already have an amazon.com account, would that work?




Best Answer 10 years ago

Transatlantic postage is murder - most times it more than makes up for any cost-saving on the item.

You can't use your .com account, as every version of Amazon is (I was told by Amazon employee) technically a different company.

I won some Amazon.com vouchers, and had to spend them on the US website, wasting over a third of the vouchers' value on postage.

have you tried Play.com? I think they sell to the US.


Answer 10 years ago

Hmmm...the email notifier seems to be buggy, I just noticed this on my Member page... I found it on AmazonUSA, so no worries. Thanks for the advice, though.