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How i wipe the arduino bootloader from the ATMega328p? Answered

I have an "ATMega328p" microcontroller with arduino bootloader burned on it but now i want to erase the bootloader so i can write the code in Embedded C and use an AVR ISP Programmer ,, i want to know how i wipe the bootloader from the chip ?? Thanks in advance


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6 years ago

Uhm that is quite simple really.

The moment a programmer starts Burning a code it automatically overwrites the Bootloader (Personally i use AVRdude with -e to erase the entire chip before puttin on the code). just compile and program with whatever tool you use and the Bootloader will be overwritten. The programmer doesn't know if there is a bootloader and frankly doesn't care either as its only job is to make sure your code is there and intact.

So just plug the ISP in and start your upload and the bootloader should be gone!

You can even use your AVR ISP to burn Arduino sketches directly (again overwrites the loader) with the "upload using programmer" option on current arduino software. if you ever need the bootloader restored (tough honestly if you have a ISP i can't imagine why you would want that) this can also be done through the Arduino software.