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How is it I keep locking my mouse pad up on my Presario CQ56? Answered

Its happened to me 3 times and I have to shut the computer down to get it back.  Of course I did not get a book with it  because it was a display model and it was CHEAP!  Is there a key I'm hitting? Thanks



Best Answer 8 years ago

When the mouse is locked, check on the top left side of the mouse pad a light will be on....thats the lock. Double click it to unlock.

You keep locking the mouse pad whenever you double click that spot!


8 years ago

Check with the manufacturer to find out if there's an updated device driver.

Check with the operating system publisher to find out if *they* know of this problem and have a fix.

If not... well, maybe you just found out why it was cheap. Disable the pad and use a mouse.