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How long does it take for an instructable you have edited to show up with the changes ? Answered

When I published my most recent instructable, which was tonight, I realized that the first step had somehow become the intro paragraph, and so the materials picture was the cover instead of the picture I wanted. When I realized this I went into my phone and edited the entire thing so that it would be the first step instead of the intro and so that the picture I want would be the cover. However, it has not updated, and it seems all my hard work was for naught. Any help? 
Thank you so much!!!! :)
Here it is 


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Best Answer 5 years ago

Usually when you edit all changes are saved every few minutes and again when you finnish and actually click on the save button.
Unless something went wrong on the servers I would say that might have lost your internet connection while editing.
Sometimes things stuff up for me too without noticing but I made it goal to actually check the preview in a new tab.
This way I see right away if any changes have been lost on the way to the servers.
Not sure if there is another copy of your work on the servers but you might want to contact support by Email.
And in general it s better to use the help section or the bugs section to report such problems - I highly doubt anyone from support will check the craft section for technical problems with an Instructable ;)

Fuzzy Monkey
Fuzzy Monkey

Answer 5 years ago

Thank you so much for your answer! I will remember the help section next time. :)