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How long to recieve prize Answered

I placed first in the Make It Stick contest, and the only info i have received was to fill out my shipping info. Was curious as to how long it takes to be sent prizes from contests. Have i missed something? or just need to hold on? Thanks



7 years ago

Hi all,
I received a gorilla glue box today.. the shipping invoice says that the package contains glue, the camera, and a t-shirt. Upon opening there was only glue.

Did gorilla glue send the glue and Instructables send the camera and shirt?
It makes sense if that's the case maybe I just have to wait a little longer. I'm just concerned because the invoice seems to indicate that this is the only package.
Is this cause for concern?


7 years ago

If you've given us your information, it's just a matter of waiting until we get enough time to get everything packed up and shipped out. Since Halloween just happened, it's a little messy here right now, so bear with us. I'm going to do my best to get everything out on Monday, but we'll see how that goes.


Reply 7 years ago

Sounds good does the camera come from y'all or someone else thanks again