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How many Contests and Instructables can be entered? Answered

I went to the Upcoming Contest Schedule link in the tutorial above and followed a link to the Contest FAQ. One of the questions listed "Why can I only enter one contest with one Instructable?" the answer was short but not very clear. In your tutorial you said that up to three contests could be entered. Has that changed? I have seen a few projects that own/placed in three contests. Also how many times can you enter a single contest. I have seen several contests with multiple entries by the same person, a different Instructable each entry however. A little clarity would be greatly appreciated. Thanks



Best Answer 5 weeks ago

Sorry about the mixed signals - I failed to update this class when we updated the contest rules!

The current rules are one contest per instructable. There's no limit on the amount of different instructables you can enter in the same contest.

Any instructables you see with two or three wins are from 2018 and back. :)