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How many Lemon batteries will it take to turn on a wii remote? Answered

I'm making a lemon battery project for the science fair and I want to power a wiiremote with Lemon batteries, how many Lemon batteries will it take?



8 years ago

'bout 1000. There's a video on YTube of an iPhone cjarged by 2300 oranges. Oranges produce slightly less voltage than lemons, but are also bigger, so that their internal resistance is bigger, so the current you can get from from them is lower than in case of the lemons. The number you are looking for is surely above 1000, nonetheless.

Good luck!


8 years ago

the sience fair ended guys T_T

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well since a lemon battery gets a varying votage from lemon to lemon, and voltage also depends on the materials you use, i would make several lemon batteries and hook them in a series (+ to -, or zinc to copper contacts on a lemon) to obtain 3 volts, which is how many the wii remote runs on. after that wire them into the remote, although i doubt that these lemons will be able to provide enough amperage to run the remote. if this is the case, simply repeat to get 3 volts with a new set of lemons, and then wire the 2 in parallel. (+ to+) until it works. This sounds like an interesting project, so try it and report back if it works!

so i make a lemon battery with 3 volts, then i do it again and then connect it like this

+ to - to + to - to + to - to + to - to + then when i reach the second line of batteries i connect the 2 together like this +to-to+to-to+to-to+to-to+ (in other words i make 2 3 volt lemon batteries then i connect them together + to +)

or did you mean

i make a 3volt battery connected + to + to - to - to + to + then when i reach the second line of batteries i connect the 2 together like this - to - to + to + to - to -

which one did you mean?

or is both wrong.

i think that both are wrong. what you will do is make lemon batteries, im assuming with a penny and a nail. you will then connect the penny to the nail of each lemon battery until you get a 3v reading like this-
multimeter input+O- +O- +O-multimeter input.
where the multimeter inputs are the leads of your meter, and the 0 is the lemon, and + your positive lead and - your negative lead. try this first and if it dosen't work then ill tell you the next thing to try.


8 years ago

3search the 3site already been as3ked and done


Answer 8 years ago

You could have linked the best-answered one?



8 years ago

Squish your lemons, make them mushy inside by breaking them up.



8 years ago

The correct answer is a number greater than 0 and less than infinity.

simply the answer to your question WOULD MAKE A GREAT SCIENCE FAIR PROJECT...